[Spambayes] Congratulations

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Thu Jan 23 13:32:10 EST 2003

>>> Richie Hindle wrote
> [François]
> > By the way, I think that the released version should ship with a minimal
> > bayescustomize.ini file loaded for pop3proxy use with a fake server. People
> > will have an easier time to replace this with their real server name.
> This is a good idea, but the obvious defaults are different for different
> platforms, which makes things difficult. 

Which reminds me - I'd like to make it so bayescustomize.ini can be found
in a couple of places other than the current directory, or the env var.

For instance, on Unix, $HOME/.spambayes/bayescustomize.ini 
I'm not sure where on Windows or MacOS. Suggestions?

This removes that whole "strange behaviour if you're in the wrong place"


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