[Spambayes] can I change the options to hammie.py and hammiebulk.py?

Neale Pickett neale at woozle.org
Wed Jan 22 22:03:55 EST 2003

I know a lot of you out there in hammieland are still using hammie.py
instead of hammiebulk.py, and that's okay.  But I think it's time I
reined everyone in here, so I'm proposing some changes.

I want to:

1. Do away with hammie.py in the top directory.  The hammie.py module
   would still exist, you'd just have to call hammiebulk.py directly.
2. Move hammiebulk.py into the top directory.
3. Totally rearrange the options to hammiebulk.  Specifically, I want to
   make it more like hammiefilter.  To wit:

"""Usage: %(program)s [OPTION]...

[OPTION] is one of:
        show usage and exit
        show some usage examples and exit
    -d DBFILE
        use database in DBFILE
        use pickle (instead of database) in PICKLEFILE
        create a new database
*   -f
        filter (default if no processing options are given)
*   -t
        [EXPERIMENTAL] filter and train based on the result (you must
        make sure to untrain all mistakes later)
*   -g
        [EXPERIMENTAL] (re)train as a good (ham) message
*   -s
        [EXPERIMENTAL] (re)train as a bad (spam) message
*   -G
        [EXPERIMENTAL] untrain ham (only use if you've already trained
        this message)
*   -S
        [EXPERIMENTAL] untrain spam (only use if you've already trained
        this message)

   I'd provide a (-F, --force-train) option to force training even if a
   trained header is found, and a (-N, --no-trained-header) option to
   prevent writing out trained headers.

4. Remove mboxtrain.py, as hammiebulk.py would replace it.

Glutton for punishment,


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