[Spambayes] packaging question

Sjoerd Mullender sjoerd at acm.org
Thu Jan 23 10:14:45 EST 2003

On Wed, Jan 22 2003 Skip Montanaro wrote:

>     Neale> I'd like to rename the hammie/ directory to contrib/, and put my
>     Neale> spambayes.el (as well as an example muttrc) in there.
>     Neale> Any objections?
> No, but I'd prefer it if you coaxed the SF folks into renaming it so CVS
> history info is retained.

When you do that everybody who updates their repository will get error
messages from CVS and the old hammie directory will not have been
removed from the checked-out copy.

-- Sjoerd Mullender <sjoerd at acm.org>

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