[Spambayes] Congratulations

François Granger francois.granger at laposte.net
Thu Jan 23 10:32:45 EST 2003

on 23/01/03 3:32, Anthony Baxter at anthony at interlink.com.au wrote:

> For instance, on Unix, $HOME/.spambayes/bayescustomize.ini
> I'm not sure where on Windows or MacOS. Suggestions?

MacOS 9: there is no rule apart the "preference" folder, but I don't think
it is a good idea. With no explicit path, the file will be launched from the
script os.getcwd() folder. With a path the script will launch it from
anywhere but path notation on MacOS 9 are really strange for Unix users.

MacOS X: Same as Unix mainly, but can work like MacOS 9.

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