[Spambayes] I did something stupid...

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sat Jan 25 00:59:12 EST 2003

> Mark, could the unregister code not delete any permanent
> buttons?

It could, but it would need to start outlook to do so.  I guess that isn't
so bad when I type it here (as opposed to just musing over it!)

> Along the same lines, why does the addin not show
> up in the COM add-ins list in the Outlook prefs?
> (Tools->Options->Other->Advanced->COM Add-ins) - is this
> because it's a python scripts and not an .exe or .dll?  Is
> this just a packaging issue?

Actually, NFI about this.  The docs even say you can (so we have a bug!

> > Also, at 395, the name of the Toolbar is named explicitly:
> >
> >   toolbar = bars.Item("Standard")
> >
> > whereas the second line of toolbar buttons is normally called
> > "Advanced", and the user could obviously have created
> > custom toolbars named anything they choose (not sure if this
> > is relevant...)

It may be, but the code tries to handle this.  Note that _AddControl says:

        item = self.CommandBars.FindControl(
                        Type = control_type,
                        Tag = item_attrs['Tag'])

So we actually search all command bars for the specified tag.  The tag is
assumed unique.  If this command returns None, then the toolbar passed (ie,
"Standard") is where the items are to be added.

At least this is the intent <wink>.  I've added comments to this affect.

> I *think*, from looking at addin.py that this would still be
> needed even if they became permanent - they would default to
> the "Standard" toolbar (they have to start somewhere!).

Yeah, we do need to do something.  I was kinda hoping that the worst that
would happen is a couple of dead buttons should the user be so brain-dead
they choose to uninstall our product <wink>.

Add 2 bugs and assign them to me - one for the doc/code for the plugin, and
the other that we leave dead buttons on uninstall.


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