[Spambayes] Alpha 2 Release?

Richie Hindle richie at entrian.com
Sat Jan 25 00:02:30 EST 2003

I'd like to suggest we make another alpha release next week.  Lots has
happened since alpha 1 (some of which is important to the Linux Journal
articles, which come out first thing in February):

 o Neale's work on plugging into Mutt and other mail clients.
 o Integration of Tim's web configuration page into pop3proxy.py, so you
   no longer need to know about bayescustomize.ini to use the POP3 proxy.
 o The ability to run multiple POP3 proxies on the same port.
 o The ability to limit connections to the web interface to localhost.
 o Various sundry improvements and bugfixes (including MacOS X support).

Neale, do you think your Mutt edits will be ready by the middle of next
week?  I haven't tried them but it sounds like they're pretty much there?

Here's what I think needs doing before another release:

 o I need to get to the bottom of François' bizarre pop3proxy problems.
 o We need to document Neale's Mutt work (or just provide an example
 o People need to test the up-to-date version!

Skip, do you think the two of us can merge proxytrainer.py into
pop3proxy.py before we make this release - hopefully the problems you were
having with pop3proxy.py are cleared up now?  It would be nice not to ship
the duplicated code.  I'm happy to do most if this if you're short of time
- I've already incorporated a couple of your changes.

Any other suggestions for what might need doing?

Anthony, is there anything release-wise that needs to be done, or is it
just a matter of running "setup.py sdist --formats zip,gztar" on a fresh

release-early-and-release-often-ly yrs,

Richie Hindle
richie at entrian.com

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