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Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Jan 29 08:20:30 EST 2003

> The recommended way to get this path is to call:
> SHGetSpecialFolderPath (,,CSIDL_APPDATA,FALSE);
> Remember, the user may not have write access to the spambayes
> installation directory.

MS are starting to come up with good reasons for doing this too.  Apart from
the "Portable profiles" (or whatever they called it where your full profile
followed you whereever you went on the corporate LAN), Windows XP now has a
"wizard" that lets you migrate all of your documents and settings to another
computer.  A friend of mine tried this, and it worked well - except it did
require that apps stored their data in these correct places.

The Outlook addin is almost certainly going to use this API.  FYI, it is
used from Python thusly:

>>> from win32com.shell import shell, shellcon
<snip lots of FutureWarnings :( >

>>> shell.SHGetSpecialFolderPath(0, shellcon.CSIDL_APPDATA)
u'E:\\Documents and Settings\\skip\\Application Data'

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