[Spambayes] Details in headers

Neale Pickett neale at woozle.org
Wed Jan 29 08:07:54 EST 2003

"Moore, Paul" <Paul.Moore at atosorigin.com> writes:

> Sorry - I thought we were talking about the location of the INI file,
> which (at the moment, at least) is intended to be user editable.

Yes.  I was, at least.

> But I still think that there should at least be an option for the
> application directory to get deleted on uninstall - otherwise you get
> the same problem as with the registry of configuration data for
> uninstalled applications just getting left around and forgotten.

So I think I'm going to do what I did the last time I brought this up,
which was nothing.  I'm not in a good position to tell windows users
where their files should live, so I'm going to punt.  Hopefully someone
who is in a good position to make a decision about this will check
something in, and then we'll all just use that.

We could always put it in C:\spam.ini ;)


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