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G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.com
Wed Jan 29 14:11:55 EST 2003

Speaking as one who provides tech support for a hundred or so Windows
users, I find it perverse to put any file where Windows may change it or
obscure it. Against the flow from Redmond, I want my users to put their
data in folders they specifically control (normally on a file server,
never in "My Documents"). I want applications to put everything possible
in their respective directories, not in the registry, not in the current
equivalent of /windows/system. (And I always want to see all file

I imagine that I'll end up putting some form of Spambayes on at least a
couple of dozen systems, so I'll get used to whatever is done, but I'd
strongly prefer that the file locations be easily understood and easily
learned so others don't have to spend so much time when a user messes an
installation up.


"Moore, Paul" wrote:

> From: Piers Haken [mailto:piersh at friskit.com]
> > I think that's a bit harsh. The directory is called
> > "Application Data", not "My Documents": it's designed
> > to be used by well-behaved applications only and it's
> > generally a bad idea for users to go mucking about with
> > stuff in there
> Sorry - I thought we were talking about the location of
> the INI file, which (at the moment, at least) is intended
> to be user editable.
> I've no problem with this location for purely application
> maintained configuration data.
> But I still think that there should at least be an option
> for the application directory to get deleted on uninstall -
> otherwise you get the same problem as with the registry of
> configuration data for uninstalled applications just getting
> left around and forgotten.
> Paul.
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