[Spambayes] Alpha 2 Release?

Neale Pickett neale at woozle.org
Thu Jan 30 10:03:29 EST 2003

Francois Granger <francois.granger at free.fr> writes:

> At 09:40 -0800 30/01/2003, in message Re: [Spambayes] Alpha 2 Release?,
> Neale Pickett wrote:

>>IIRC, 2.3 includes db3.  So "best" would change for you.
> And then I can't access my existing one ;-)

Yeah, that's what I was intoning.  I was answering the question Richie's
asked later, I guess I should have actually answered his question
instead of responding to yours ;)

> And I got from Robin Dunn that the current 2.3 build I use from
> wxPython sourceforge area does not have dbhash yet. So, I am stuck
> with 2.2 for my "production version" of Spambayes ;-)

Gah.  I guess this should be in the release notes.

So, has someone officially volunteered to be the documentation
coordinator?  It sounds like we need someone for the job...


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