[Spambayes] Bayesian virus detection?

Richard Jowsey richard at jowsey.com
Fri Jan 31 12:28:05 EST 2003

I've "accidently" captured a handful of VB-script-type virii 
lately, since my spam training corpus apparently (luckily!) 
contained a few of these nasties. Got me thinking... I'd like to 
try training my classifier with a corpus of viral material, plus 
add a "virus" classification category into the mix, see what 

However, I haven't a clue as to how to go about deliberately 
collecting such crud (and apparently, neither does Google)...

Bloody weird question, but does anyone happen to have a 
collection of quarantined emails containing viral attachments, 
trojans, etc...? Which they could ZIP and send me for research 

Promise not to forward 'em to all my friends, ha ha...


PS: script kiddies and assorted black-hat hackers are officially 
invited to mail their nasty little efforts to richard at jowsey.com

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