[Spambayes] Re: egregious patents on anti-spam techniques (Kaitlin Duck Sherwood)

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Thu Jan 30 23:19:18 EST 2003

[Skip Montanaro]
> It would probably be a good idea to collect a bibliography on the
> spambayes website, though I'm short on time at the moment.  This is one
> of those things where a Wiki would be marvelous.  Anthony, can MoinMoin
> be run on SF?

I'm not Anthony, but I doubt it.

> If not, I'd be happy to create a new MoinMoin instance on
> manatee.mojam.com.

Note that Gary Robinson set up a Spam Wiki last year:


It's well done and well organized, but doesn't seem to have attracted a
community yet.  If I had something to say, I'd say it there <wink>.

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