[Spambayes] use as generic classifier? (not just spam/ham)

Mourad De Clerck mourad at aquazul.com
Fri Jan 31 08:26:12 EST 2003

(please cc: any replies - I'm not subscribed. thx.)


This usage is probably rather obvious, but I haven't seen any discussion 
about it, so I'm asking...

I was wondering if spambayes could be used in a different way. Currently 
I have a couple of users on a mailserver (imap+maildir). I'd like to 
make it possible to have them create different subfolders where they 
move mail to (from a mailinglist, about a specific subject, from a 
specific person - whatever) through their standard imap client. Now, 
when a new mail arrives on the mailserver, I'd like that mail to be 
"scored" against all these folders and subfolders (maildirs), and for it 
to be delivered to the folder that corresponds to the system's "best 
guess". If the scores for all folders are within a certain (smallish) 
range (percentage), the system's best guess is not good enough and it 
should just be delivered to the standard inbox.

For the user, I believe this would be extremely convenient, instead of 
having to do rule-based filtering on the client side, or using something 
like procmail. Just by organising your mail like you normally would in 
any case, your new incoming mail would be matched automatically to the 
right folder.

Is this possible with spambayes?

-- Mourad

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