[Spambayes] Ximian Evolution

Kevin Turner acapnotic at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jan 31 09:43:44 EST 2003

[apologies if you see this twice; sent it from the wrong address the
first time and it stuck in the moderator queue.]

A search of the list doesn't turn anything up, so I guess this is a new
thread.  Has anyone given any thought to how to use spambayes with the
Evolution MUA without procmail or proxy?

I just came up with something that sounds plausible; I haven't coded it
yet.  Current versions of Evolution 1.2 can filter messages based on the
exit code of a process you pipe them to.  Or you may be able to chain
filters, first piping it through an action to add the spambayes header,
then filtering on that.[1]  Either way, filtering shouldn't be hard.

For trailing, Evolution seems to lack a way to script it, but you could
copy messages to folders[2] and run hammie on them at your leisure or
via a cron job.  (Does hammie move messages out of this mailbox or flag
them as trained in some way so it doesn't double-train them?)

It would be nice to avoid process-per-message overhead.  Maybe bonobo
holds some wonderful answer to that, I don't know.  For now, I'm
probably willing to not worry about it.

Has anyone set this up?  Can we add a section about it in the
integration docs?  That'd be super.


 - Kevin

[1] The filter-on-header method has the advantage of being easier to
trace and debug, I only hesitate because I haven't convinced myself I
know what order Evolution applies filters in and the conditions in which
it chains them.

[2] These could be in ~/evolution/local, or configured as a separate
account of prococol "mbox" or "Maildir"; whichever option rankles
evolution less, considering we may modify the contents of the mailbox
without its knowledge.  I'm guessing the "seperate account" option is
probably better for that.

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