[Spambayes] Ximian Evolution

Neale Pickett neale at woozle.org
Fri Jan 31 10:18:49 EST 2003

Kevin Turner <acapnotic at users.sourceforge.net> writes:

> I just came up with something that sounds plausible; I haven't coded it
> yet.  Current versions of Evolution 1.2 can filter messages based on the
> exit code of a process you pipe them to.  Or you may be able to chain
> filters, first piping it through an action to add the spambayes header,
> then filtering on that.[1]  Either way, filtering shouldn't be hard.

Okay, that would be easy enough to add as an option to hammiefilter.
What exit codes mean what?  Even better would be if you could run
everything through hammiefilter -t, and use the stdout output as the
message.  Then you could filter on header.

> For trailing, Evolution seems to lack a way to script it, but you could
> copy messages to folders[2] and run hammie on them at your leisure or
> via a cron job.  (Does hammie move messages out of this mailbox or flag
> them as trained in some way so it doesn't double-train them?)

See HAMMIE.txt for an explanation of how to do this.  But I might need
to add a new Evolution folder type if it don't use MH, Maildir, or mbox
mail spools internally.

> It would be nice to avoid process-per-message overhead.  Maybe bonobo
> holds some wonderful answer to that, I don't know.  For now, I'm
> probably willing to not worry about it.

I've only used Evolution once or twice, but it seems to me that their
whole gig is to get you to write plugins for everything.  So a bonobo
(or whatever their object broker is called) component would be the Right
Thing.  If we could make it as snazzy as the Outlook plugin, that'd be
even Righter.


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