[Spambayes] more on exceptions while parsing messages

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry shalehperry at comcast.net
Sun Jul 13 04:03:14 EDT 2003

received another mail that caused an exception in the spambayes engine.

This one had a 'registered mark', i.e. the R with a circle around it, in the 

Subject: Claim your Free Sony® Headset

it is represented by the ascii (kinda) 0xAE which causes the python mail 
parser to complain because 0xAE > 0x80.

There is no header in the message which tries to change the charset.  I wonder 
if spambayes should respond to this specific exception (ascii out of range) 
by assuming the message is in a charset where the value in question is valid.

I believe the Python library is correct in complaining about the value not 
being within the message's charset and letting the application react 

Mail like the one mentioned above is now the only spam I see.  Variations 
include Korean and other Asian charset spam that fail to properly define 
their charset as well as miscellaneous other uses of ascii values over 128.

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