[Spambayes] I have a resolution for an install problem

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Mon Jun 2 01:03:22 EDT 2003

Thanks for the tip.  I think we also discovered another alternative to the
re-registration problem that really only happens on Outlook 2002
(Help->About->Disabled addins)

regsvr32 failing is strange though!


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> Hey Guys
>   Great so far!  I had a problem with the installation in that the
> spambayes_addin.dll wouldn't register on my system.  Well,
> I'm a software
> developer and I know a little bit about this, so I ignored
> the error on your
> install and ran regsvr32 on that dll and it installed just
> fine then.  Maybe
> you've packaged a different regsvr32 with your install.  I
> don't know, but
> it registered fine once I did that.  Anyway I opened Outlook
> and looked for
> the buttons your about page was speaking about but didn't see
> those so I
> followed the troubleshooting guide by going to the COM-Addins
> button under
> the Advanced button on the "Other" tab.  I noticed that the
> spambayes addin
> was there and it was checked, but there were no buttons and the
> troubleshooting guide said that you were stumped.  Well, all I did was
> remove that add-in and then I add it back in through the
> add-in manager
> there and just pointed back to the original installation
> folder.  I'm making
> this sound more difficult than it is.  Basically, just remove
> and add the
> spambayes_addin.dll file from the COM-Addin manager within
> Outlook and it
> should appear there.  At least that's all I did and it works
> now.  That
> could be another alternative for your troubleshooting guide
> besides, "I'm
> stumped".  I've heard good things about this software so I'm
> hoping it does
> better than what I've had before.
> Thanks
> Jon Hinkle
> Software Developer
> Autobase, Inc.
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