[Spambayes] Moving a SpamBayes Database between platforms?

Hadar Pedhazur hadar at unorthodox.com
Mon Jun 2 17:01:15 EDT 2003

I am running the Outlook plugin, and so far getting "mixed"
results. I think that this is due to the fact that I collect
email for _many_ addresses through one POP3 account.
Meaning, the other accounts are all aliases or forwards into
the one pop account.

As an example, if I get three identical spam emails sent to
me at three distinct addresses, one is caught by SpamBayes,
and the other two are not. They're rarely tagged as
"Possible Spam" either.

Anyway, that's with training on roughly 3000 spam and 2700
ham messages.

Ignore that for now, as it is getting every-so-slightly
better each day, but I get _so much spam_ that this should
only be a matter of a few more weeks before I'm happy with
the ratio.

On to my real question.

Tim Peters kindly pointed me to the FAQ and this list today,
and I saw the answer on how to hook up the filter to
procmail, which is exactly what I would like to do. However,
my "twist" is this:

I would like to run all of the training on my client, via
the Outlook plugin. Then, on occasion I would like to
"upload the database" to my server, and use the "static"
database to filter via procmail.

The main reason is so that I can filter what gets sent to my
Blackberry, while continuing to more iteratively train on my
laptop via Outlook.

Is this straightforward to do, meaning, are the databases
interoperable? Outlook 2000 running on Windows 2000
Professional, with Procmail running on RH Linux 8.0 on the
server side.

Thanks in advance!

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