[Spambayes] Moving a SpamBayes Database between platforms?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon Jun 2 21:59:36 EDT 2003

[Mark Hammond]
> ...
> An interesting experiment would be to have an option to ignore the
> "To" address.  For example, every single mail to "skippinet.com.au"
> goes to my mailbox (ie, mhammond@, foo@, death-to-spammers@, etc).
> Thus, I have alot of spam in my mailbox to apparently "random"
> addresses at this domain.  For me, SpamBayes does a good enough job
> in this area - but experiments here may benefit everyone.

Fearless users of the Outlook client can try this experiment by finding
their default_bayes_customize.ini, and changing this line:

    address_headers: from to cc sender reply-to

to this:

    address_headers: from cc sender reply-to

Also removing "cc" may (or may not) help (or hurt <wink>) too.

Note that this will also stop generating the synthesized

    to:no real name:2**n

token, which is usually a strong and valid family of spam clues.

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