[Spambayes] Spambayes DISAPPEARED!!

Liza May lizamay at comcast.net
Mon Jun 2 23:07:32 EDT 2003

Hello Folks,

I've been thrilled with this great program - last night I walked away from
my machine for an hour and returned to 47 new spam messages - all caught! I
love Spambayes - somebody out there is a genius.

I'm writing because I've just sat down to my computer, opened Outlook 2000,
and Spambayes is gone! It has disappeared from the toolbar! And ... THERE IS

I've gone to the Spambayes folder but can't find the install program there,
to try to reinstall it. And I can't find anything in the help file about

What on earth has happened? Did another program sneak into my computer and
kill Spambayes??? I am very sad.  All my training, and it seemed to be
working seamlessly!

Does ANYONE have any idea what happened, or what I can do to find all the
training information, and how to reinstall it again? I'm not a techie, so I
hope someone can explain in layman's language. Thanks!



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