[Spambayes] problem

Paul Hermans paul_hermans at protext.be
Tue Jun 3 10:11:09 EDT 2003

When I start Outlook, there is no Anti-Spam item in the toolbar.
The content of the log file is as follows. 
SpamAddin - Connecting to Outlook
Created new configuration file 'C:\Documents and Settings\phe\Application
pythoncom error: Failed to call the universal dispatcher
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "E:\src\pythonex\com\win32com\universal.py", line 170, in dispatch
  File "E:\src\pythonex\com\win32com\server\policy.py", line 322, in
  File "E:\src\pythonex\com\win32com\server\policy.py", line 601, in
  File "E:\src\pythonex\com\win32com\server\policy.py", line 541, in
  File "E:\src\spambayes\Outlook2000\addin.py", line 655, in OnConnection
  File "E:\src\spambayes\Outlook2000\manager.py", line 475, in GetManager
  File "E:\src\spambayes\Outlook2000\manager.py", line 156, in __init__
  File "E:\src\spambayes\Outlook2000\manager.py", line 71, in
  File "E:\src\Installer\iu.py", line 274, in importHook
  File "E:\src\Installer\iu.py", line 353, in doimport
  File "E:\src\spambayes\spambayes\tokenizer.py", line 659, in ?
exceptions.AttributeError: 'OptionsClass' object has no attribute

Thanks for any help.

Paul Hermans
Pro Text
phermans at protext.be

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