[Spambayes] pop3proxy no reviews and smtpproxy stuck

Francois Granger francois.granger at free.fr
Tue Jun 3 17:59:32 EDT 2003

At 12:54 +0300 03/06/2003, in message Re: [Spambayes] pop3proxy no 
reviews and smtpproxy stuc, Ilkka Tengvall wrote:
>thanks for the reply!
>>  Do you have the directories "pop3proxy-ham-cache",
>>  "pop3proxy-spam-cache" and "pop3proxy-unknown-cache" created and
>>  populated with files like "1054292374" ?
>Directories are created, but there are no files in them. Is this the
>source of the problem?

There should be files in them.

>  > You may have to check the right in your "spambayes directory ?
>permissions should be ok

Look like they are.

Sorry, no other idea. But there are people more knowledgeable on the list.
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