[Spambayes] Scoring Confusion

Hadar Pedhazur hadar at unorthodox.com
Tue Jun 3 17:12:38 EDT 2003

OK, I admit it, I'm officially confused :-)

I am running the binary installer version of SpamBayes
(002) on Windows 2000 Pro, with Outlook 2000.

At Mark's suggestion from last night, I just looked (for the
first time) at the Spam Clues for a few messages. First, I
picked a message that it thought wasn't spam. It was scored
".32". For me, this should have shown up in the "Possible
Spam" folder, since I didn't touch the defaults, which are
set to >90 move to Spam, >15 move to Unsure.

Then I checked a message that was marked as Spam. It had a
score of "1". It was moved correctly.

Then I found another one that was untouched, meaning it
wasn't spam or unsure, but the score inside was "1" (which,
of course, was correct!).

So, it seems that the engine is correctly tagging the
scores, but somehow, the code isn't recognizing those scores
for the purposes of filtering.

Any suggestions? (including telling me to go grab the CVS
code and just install it manually :-)

Thanks in advance!

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