[Spambayes] Spam Score Field

Lawrence J. McAuliffe lmcaulif at scsiweb.com
Tue Jun 3 17:50:37 EDT 2003


Just downloaded & installed SpamBayes v1.0a2 Outlook 2000 Add-in.
Outlook 2000 is at SR-1, Corporate or Workgroup.  Installation
went very smoothly.  I'll accrue more spam overnight and probably
'train' tomorrow.  One question (issue?) first tho'.

Went through the documentation and was doing fine 'til I reached
the "Spam Score Field" section.  The install did put out a SPAM
entry (Tools, Options, Other, Advanced, etc.)  However, the Field
Chooser - Properties dialogue box reads:

Name:      Spam            (Grayed out)
Type:        Number         (Grayed out)
Format:    1,234.567 -1,234.567

Of course the docs say to ONLY use Type:  Percent & Format:
Rounded; any other format won't work.  I tried deleting the entry
and recreated it manually as per the docs.  No matter what I seem
to do though the new one won't save - it always reverts to

Should I be concerned?  If so, then how can I fix it?

As a complete aside, how do I actually view this list?  I tried
to view the mailings first, before bothering anybody but frankly,
I just couldn't figure out how to view all the messages!


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