[Spambayes] Enhancement Request

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Jun 5 11:05:16 EDT 2003

> Your "About" tab requests users to make suggestions, but I
> didn't see where
> they should be sent. Hopefully, this will make it to the correct
> destination.

It is - thanks.

> I would like to suggest that when an incoming email is placed
> in my "spam"
> folder, the new email flag is turned off.

This has come up before.  Unfortunately, Outlook itself is in control of
this.  The best we could do is to mark such messages as "Read" as they come
in, thereby hopefully getting the same result.  However, directly changing
this icon is not practical.

This is already down as a feature request, but is going to have to wait
until either they clone me, or I get around to a better scheme for dialogs
(that Sean has already sent me - so back to the "clone" bit!)


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