[Spambayes] LONG POST: Log file and Outlook Rules analysis

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Jun 5 11:13:28 EDT 2003

In addition to Sean's comments:

> 2) I have 52 Outlook rules. Roughly 10 of them are spam
> related (from before SB), so I could reduce it. Turning them
> off completely (as Tim suggests) would be too painful to
> consider at the moment. I deal with many companies each day,
> and auto sort email from each of those companies into
> different folders, so that I can deal with them in priority
> order. If I have to revert to everything coming into one
> folder, and then filing them by hand, I would lose too much
> time having to scan the lower priority ones. If this is
> indeed the problem, that will be too bad for me.

I too still need lots of rules - just none are Spam related any more.  So
you are not alone.  Worse, I fear that in some cases, SpamBayes is
preventing the Outlook rules from running.  Sean's solution may well end up
in the next release.

> Finally, I looked at a previous log file, to see if there
> was any pattern to the number of messages in the file. It
> turns out that in a number of previous logs I had python
> errors. Here is one example:

This particular error was fixed in CVS yesterday!

> Thanks for reading this far!

No worries.


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