[Spambayes] pop3proxy no reviews and smtpproxy stuck

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Jun 5 17:07:24 EDT 2003

> The proxy classifies them 
> correctly, I get spam, ham and unsure classifications. If I click on 
> review messages link, there are no messages to review. What might be 
> the problem?

This isn't something I've seen before.  As Francois indicated, there
should be a file for each message in one of the cache directories.  Do
you get any sort of error message in the browser window or the terminal
window that you run pop3proxy from?  (pop3proxy absorbs a lot of error
messages unfortunately - I think that we need to do what the Outlook
plugin does and create a log file).

If there aren't any errors, then could you try adding the following
lines to spambayes/FileCorpus.py right after line 330?
        print pn

This will make pop3proxy exit with an error right after it should have
saved the message.  Any other error messages should also appear, along
with the pathname that it tried to save to.  If you could post this
information, that would be great.  (you can then remove the lines, since
they'll stop the classification).

> The other problem is with smtp-proxy. It proxies mails ok, but when I 
> forward any mails to it with spambayes_spam at localhost address, 
> transmission gets stuck. I use evolution or pine -mail 
> clients. Pine gives 
> the following error: "Sending error: 250 OK"

I haven't tested smtpproxy with evolution or pine.  Do you know if they
include all the headers from a message when forwarding?  If not, then
you need to change this line in your config:
> add_mailid_to=header

add_mailid_to=header, body

If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll try and figure out what else
might be the problem.  If it does, let me know so that I can update the
list of clients, and try and give a more graceful error.

=Tony Meyer

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