[Spambayes] Not keeping correct Spam Folder

JParker at ClarkHill.com JParker at ClarkHill.com
Thu Jun 5 11:42:25 EDT 2003

First of all, this is a GREAT program.  It works awesome and it saves me an
incredible amount of time.  SpamBayes is a real gem.  My whole firm may end
up using it when I am done testing.  I am using Outlook 2000.
I think I have found one bug though which is rather annoying.  I created a
spam folder and pointed Spambayes to it and trained it and all was working
great.  Then I had this bright idea just to send my spam directly to my
"Deleted Items" so I went into Define Filters and told it to move spam
directly to that folder, then deleted the Spam folder I had created.  That
worked great, but . . .
Realizing why this was NOT a good idea, I re-created the Spam folder, then
went back into Define Filters and pointed it back to that folder.
The problem is, every time I close Outlook it defaults back to "Deleted
Items" as the place to move my spam to.  Each time I start Outlook I go in
and change it back to the "Spam" folder, and it works great for that
session, but as soon as I close Outlook it defaults back to "Deleted Items"

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