[Spambayes] Not keeping correct Spam Folder

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Fri Jun 6 12:02:08 EDT 2003

> The problem is, every time I close Outlook it defaults back
> to "Deleted
> Items" as the place to move my spam to.  Each time I start
> Outlook I go in
> and change it back to the "Spam" folder, and it works great for that
> session, but as soon as I close Outlook it defaults back to
> "Deleted Items"
> again.

Can you try re-configuring the addin, then shutting down outlook, giving it
enough time to make sure it truly does shut down.  Check the list of
processes to ensure Outlook.exe is actually dead.  You may need to select
"Exit and Log Off" for this to work.  At this stage, the configuration will
be saved (and the log file shoudl reflect this).

The next version will save the configuration as it is change, rather than as
Outlook exits, so should be more reliable.

If that doesn't seem the problem please look at your logs and see if there
was an error.


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