[Spambayes] various items

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sat Jun 7 11:38:17 EDT 2003

> In our case (also a school), each student has a Windows 2000
> server private
> disk space which we call "H" through a local drive MAP
> command (Windows 2000
> clients, Outlook XP (2002) - Exchange server 5.5).
> I, personally, have the situation of (dial-up) home access
> and local connect
> here on campus.
> The ideal here would be to have the controlling database be
> located on the
> student's "H" so that it "looks" the same from any of the 20
> or so public
> desktop computers on campus. Each person has their own login.
> Having the
> data file in the single location would mean no synchronizing required.

Clearly the "H:" is site specific.  I take it that you have not taught
Windows that the H: is where application data should exist?

My question is: how are we supposed to know where to keep the file?  Windows
itself has calls we can make to find the "correct" location for these data
files, and indeed this is what we use.  Do you have a specific suggestion
for what we should do to determine this?  (ie, would simply an option in the
INI file work?  But then, how do you manage the creation and distribution of
the modified INI file?)


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