[Spambayes] WHAT does run?

JackRnl JackRnl at Runit.nl
Sun Jun 8 11:34:27 EDT 2003

Although I do have over 20 years of experience with PCs (and not only as a
user) I find it difficult to understand what I need to do EXACTLY and WHAT
is running to get SpamBayes running.

I'm running Win2K + OE6

I installed Python 2.2 and spambayes-1.0a2,
If I click on a(whatever) .py file a dox-box appears for a second or so but
nothing else.
I understood I have to change my pop-server to spambayes_spam at localhost in
order to 'train' Spambayes, but what than?

How do I start Spambayes?
I want Spambayes to test all my mails and NOT walk through mail individually
(I have thousands of mails stored. I would consider them as 'ham' and
eliminate just 'new' mails and maybe a few)?

I can't find where to get hlp, especially a detailed installating guide
(with pictures) would help



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