[Spambayes] Quick option to reduce false positives

Sean True seant at iname.com
Sun Jun 8 19:26:39 EDT 2003

Tony wrote:
> 1.  If you're using the Outlook plugin, I believe that Sean's 
> SpamAtBay version _does_ have whitelisting.  You could 
> download the beta (there's a link in the archives somewhere) 
> and give it a go.  I don't know anything about the methods 
> they use (whether manual or automatic as you suggest).
We do, it is both manual and by optionally importing the contact list.
I have 10,000+ messages in my sent list. Walking the list is easy but we
didn't see the payback. Except for whitelisting the people in your circle of
friends that send you things that look like spam, whitelisting is mostly a
negative. There are obvious cases where that can happen, particularly if you
are working on a spam filtering product!

For the most part, however, it's a marketing check off feature.

If you (or anyone else!) would like a beta, just drop me a line.

> 2.  You can train on sent mail, although this would be tricky 
> with pop3proxy.  This would include various tokens from that 
> mail, including ones from the recipient email addresses.  
> IIRC there are messages in the archives about testing that 
> has been done along these lines.
If you want to train on sent mail in SpamAtBay or SpamBayes, I suspect that
all you have to do is include it in the list of folders to train from. Never
tried, and never saw a need to.

-- Sean
Sean True
WebReply.com, Inc.

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