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Sean True seant at iname.com
Sun Jun 8 21:00:33 EDT 2003

> > Clearly the "H:" is site specific.  I take it that you have
> > not taught Windows that the H: is where application data 
> should exist?
> > My question is: how are we supposed to know where to keep the 
> > file? 
> One thing that would work, of course, is to get a source copy 
> of Spambayes and make a modification so that it looks in 
> H:\spambayes\ for the data (this would be a fairly simple 
> patch).  This would mean losing the convenience of the binary 
> installer, but avoids the difficulty of answering Mark's question :)

> As a possible answer, however, the installer could ask the 
> user where application data should be stored (I've used 
> installers that do this). The 'correct' directory (according 
> to Windows) could be the default, with other options being 
> the spambayes directory itself and a 'browse' button.  The 
> installer would then have the task of passing this 
> information on to the plugin (somehow).  I don't know how 
> difficult this would be with the McMillan installer that Mark uses.
> =Tony Meyer

It's a source code change, too, but a fairly straightforward one. Mostly a
matter of adding more user interface the first time the program runs. It's
the sort of thing that commercial developers can be talked into pretty
easily, if there is a possibility of a good reference account or even
revenue! ;-)

Bob -- if you interested in pursuing this (good test and reference accounts
are worth more than money right now, anyway!) just drop me a line.

-- Sean

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