[Spambayes] SpamBayes for Windows 98'

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Jun 10 00:12:01 EDT 2003

> Dear Sirs,
> I read the articles in the March issue of Linux Journal. I
> have just updated
> Python to the 2.2.3 version, I downloaded the bsddb3 module,
> but now I am
> having trouble finding the "installer" to download. I have
> read through the
> documents several times, but I still don't understand exactly
> how to do it?.

The very best thing you can do is to visit the "sourceforge" pages, and see
the information on grabbing the latest CVS version.  If you can't do this,
you will need to download one of the released .tar.gz/.zip versions - this
will have the .py source code - there is no need for an additional
"installer".  Once you have this, see the Outlook2000\readme.txt for
information on the Outlook addin.  The CVS version is significantly later,
and with significant bugs fixed.  Indeed, if you need to use pop3proxy with
Outlook Express (as later parts of your mail imply) then you *must* grab the
CVS version, as the most recently released version has problems with OE.
Note that Outlook Express and Outlook are completely different products -
the Outlook addin does *not* work with OE.

> Also I was wondering after the Spambayes program is
> installed, when the
> program is filtering e-mails, how do you stop it from opening
> attachments?.
> >From what I have read it searches the e-mails for "tokens"
> (words) does
> Spambayes automatically open attachments?.

It never "opens" them in the traditional sense of the word.  In general,
SpamBayes will see the complete message as it was sent "on the wire".  At no
stage will SpamBayes save to a file and attempt to "open" an attachment.

> Also I have multiple e-mail
> accounts (3) in Outlook Express, will that be ok?.

Outlook Express can not use the Outlook addin.  You will need to use the
pop3proxy application.  Once you have the source, see the readme.

> My Linux Box will be done soon!, but I am very
> interested in
> using Spambayes for that system.

That is likely to use the same pop3proxy application.


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