[Spambayes] Announcement: SpamAtBay Beta Candidate 9

Sean True seant at webreply.com
Mon Jun 9 15:32:23 EDT 2003

For the new people on the list: SpamAtBay is a soon to be available
commercial version of the Spambayes addin for Outlook. Any reader of this
list who would like to beta test for us is welcome to a permanent license --
and anyone who is a SpamBayes developer can have the license without
anything other just asking. In either case, just e-mail me.

Brief history: I wrote the first, really, really bad integration with
Outlook, using VBA and a Python COM server. Mark Hammond thought the idea
was neat, but that the execution was, err, flawed, and pretty much rewrote
it from scratch. Over the last few weeks, I've had a team of several people
working on polishing, layout, docs, QA, and (gag) marketing oriented
features. We're going to release a supported version sometime soon.

We're focusing on Tim's "easy enough for my sister" metric.

Supported systems: Win98SE, ME, NT 4, Win2K, XP; Outlook 2000/2002/XP. Not
supported: Win95; Outlook Express.

Release 1.0 Beta Candidate 9 (0.98)

Focused on: Reliability and installability. 

If you are an Exchange user having problems, please install this release.

There is a new one-click setup wizard.

The old setup wizard is gone. The new supports Express, Custom, and
Advanced modes. The Express mode mode is one click; the Custom gives you
four options, and the Advanced mode brings up the existing Control Panel 

1) The new impersonal/default db is smaller and should be more accurate. 
2) We offer a chance to launch Outlook at the end of the install. 
3) More bulletproofing of the disappearing button graphics. 
4) Outlook rules now run more stably, and messages are missed much less
5) We periodically sweep all folders looking for missed messages. 
6) Messages moved from one watched folder to another do not retrain as good.

7) Menu ellipsis fix. 
8) There is a new button on the control panel under OL 2002 that will add a
spam score column to all message views. 
9) BC9 runs in verbose logging mode the first four times you run it, and
then offers to send the logs to us. That would be helpful. 
10) The setup wizard warns before overwriting your existing training. 
11) Fixed a bug with cut and paste inside Outlook. 
12) Logs now include timestamps.

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