[Spambayes] Messages not Filtering

Lisa Marie Maxson lisamm at telecomse.com
Tue Jun 10 10:12:47 EDT 2003

I am not sure why but my messages are not being filtered out of my Inbox
even though when I look at them the spam rating is 96%.  I have filtering
turned on.  I have it filtering on my Inboxes.  I use IMAP.  Could IMAP be
the issue?   It looks like the messages are opened some of the time.

I am using Outlook 2000 SP3 on Windows 2000.

I have all of the check boxes checked for spam manager and have set up
filters for spam and unsure to folders Spam and Unsure respectively.  The
database has ~900 good messages and ~300 spam.

Also, I can not delete something as spam if it is marked as unread.  I have
to click on it.  Click on another mail and then come back to it before it
deletes using the delete as spam button.

I have attached my last 4 log.

Lisa Marie
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