[Spambayes] quick question about spambayes

Tom Zarecki tomzshow at rcsworks.com
Wed Jun 11 15:54:42 EDT 2003

Hello, I love your software!  I have only used it for 2 days and already
it's made a major impact on my inbox's spam levels.  I saw on someone's
computer a column which can be added to my list of emails which shows the
PERCENTAGE each email gets.  How can I add this to my inbox, it would be a
great addition, but after browsing your FAQ and web site for 10 minutes I
gave up and am writing you this note.  
Thanks for your help!  Again, best of luck with spambayes!
Tom Zarecki
Public Relations/Press
RCS New York
914.428.4600 ext 143
cell:  914.548.4948
RCS is the home of Selector(R) Music Scheduling, 
used at over 5,000 radio, TV, satellite networks 
and Internet stations worldwide.  

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