[Spambayes] discard button on review web page?

Robb Aley Allan robb-lists at helical.com
Tue Jun 10 18:24:21 EDT 2003

On Tuesday, June 10, 2003, at 08:13  AM, papaDoc wrote:

> This is the function of the discard button:
> - Erase the message from the spambayes directory and DON'T DO anything 
> with it.

Thx. But to clarify: since the message is only known to spambayes AFTER 
it has been retrieved using the POP proxy (in my case), and thus passed 
on to the MUA, this has the effect only of causing spambayes to forget 
about it internally: it obviously doesn't erase it from the user's 
system. Yes? Just checking before instructing on use.

Robb Aley Allan
robb at helical.com
robballan at minskoff.com

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