[Spambayes] discard button on review web page?

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Jun 13 15:38:54 EDT 2003

> > This is the function of the discard button:
> > - Erase the message from the spambayes directory and
> > DON'T DO anything with it.
> Thx. But to clarify: since the message is only known to 
> spambayes AFTER it has been retrieved using the POP proxy
> (in my case), and thus passed on to the MUA, this has the
> effect only of causing spambayes to forget 
> about it internally: it obviously doesn't erase it from the user's 
> system. Yes? Just checking before instructing on use.

It doesn't erase it from the MUA store or the server, no.

What happens is that all messages that go through pop3proxy get saved
(into the cache directories) on the user's system.  This is a completely
separate copy from whatever the MUA decides to do with the mail (e.g.
put it in a dbx or mbox file).  *This separate copy* is what is erased
by spambayes via the discard button.


=Tony Meyer

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