[Spambayes] Fun with Outlook 2003 Beta

Adam Walker adam.walker at rbwconsulting.com
Fri Jun 13 13:56:46 EDT 2003


I thought I try to figure out why the plugin didn't work with outlook 2003
beta using the code from CVS. After putting in a lot of print statements, it
look like the only event called on the folder object was "OnActivate". So I
copied the code from one of the other event handlers to OnActivate and
commented out the "pass" (NOTE: I'm a Java and C/C++ programmer, I just
started looking into python a few days ago. So if my terminology is wrong,
forgive me).

I started outlook and, for the first time, saw the spam bayes toolbar. I
opened to config dialog. I set some options. I didn't have a suitable
"unsure" folder, so I clicked on the dialog. Created a new folder and
renamed it. Tried to open the config dialog again and outlook crashed.

I started outlook again, and it crashed. It then gives me the option of
using outlook in "Safe Mode" (who knew an email client had or needed a safe
mode). I disabled the spam bayes plugin. Restarted outlook to the same
result. To make a long story short, I had to reinstall outlook and reimport
my email and contacts. No information was lost but it's not something I want
to do 20 or 30 times while debugging this so I'll stick with the pop3 proxy.

Now the proxy works great. I'm using the windows service helper. I've only
hit the following snags...
* Outlook 2003 Beta allows the user to create rules based on the contents on
message headers, but not the header itself. Meaning I have to make a rule
that searches for "spam" in the headers instead of
"X-Spambayes-Classification: spam". This worked fine until I joined this
mailing list. It now filters all messages from this list into my spam folder
despite them being marked a ham.
* The DBs got corrupted once after I shutdown without clicking the save and
shutdown button on the web gui. I haven't reproduced it again.
* Every now and then the web gui seems to lose it's mind. The pop
conversations don't increment and there are no messages to review -- but it
still proxies and scores correctly. If I click the save and shutdown and
then restart the service, it works normally including allowing me to the
review the messages it claimed were not there on the previous run.

Thanks for reading my rambling,
Adam Walker

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