[Spambayes] Bug? pop3proxy does not cache messages

Ilkka Tengvall ilkka.tengvall at iki.fi
Sun Jun 15 02:39:23 EDT 2003

I get no messages into cache dirs, pop3proxy-spam-cache, 
pop3proxy-ham-cache and pop3proxy-unknown-cache. This prevents pop3proxy 
to list anything on "Review Messages" -page, or SMTP proxy to work.

Actually this was already a topic and Tony Meyer and Francois Granger 
already kindly helped to figure out the problem that far. Is there anyone 
willing to debug this further? I could do some testing if someone tells me
what to do. I've never done python, but I can use editor to apply your 
patches and test them... :)

I'm now using the latest CVS, works nice otherwise. OS is RH9 linux with 
python-2.2.2-26. I could send all my settings and "print 
options.display()" -results to someone to start with. 


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