[Spambayes] Outlook Express

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon Jun 16 14:37:04 EDT 2003

> > Please let me know if, or when, your program will work with Outlook 
> > Express V6. Thank you.
> at the moment the ball is pretty much in microsoft's court:
> http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/faq.html#does-spambayes-work-
> with-outlook-express

The FAQ does have all the answers, but the ball isn't totally with
Microsoft.  Realistically, it's unlikely that OE will ever get the
features that other MUAs like Outlook have (it is free, after all), so
help is unlikely to come from there.

As the FAQ says, Spambayes is completely usable with Spambayes at the
moment; it's just not as transparent.  I am working on a[nother]
possible solution to this at the moment (details on the -dev list).
I'll post here/-announce when something is ready to try.

=Tony Meyer

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