[Spambayes] Spambayes and Windows 98

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Do you (your organization) use Group "Policies" or TweakUI to limit what can
be done?

Robert Braxton

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I am having trouble getting it to run on a PC with Windows 98.  I went into
the Tools/Options/etc and looked at Spambayes, it was not checked.  I
checked it and re-booted, it didn't work.  I went back into the
Tools/Options menu, and it was unchecked again.  I checked it, closed the
dialogue box, and then re-opened it, and it was again unchecked.  It appears
that it will not stay checked as soon as you click 'ok' to close the box.  

I have your software on my home PC with XP, and it works flawlessly.  Any
help for 98 machines would be greatly appreciated.


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