[Spambayes] very impressed....

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Tue Jun 17 16:18:42 EDT 2003


Glad you like Spambayes.  Lots of us do.

    Gale> ... do I need to keep my Spam mail in the directory marked for
    Gale> Spam in order for it to work - or can I delete the messages at
    Gale> some point?

You can delete those messages, but if you decide to retrain from scratch at
some point, you'll have to start with a figurative clean sheet of paper.  I
understand that retaining mountains of spam is a bit problematic.  An
intermediate option might be to periodically sort your spam folder by
received date and delete the oldest 90% or so.  That way your spam folder
remains at a reasonable size and if you have to retrain from scratch you
have some recent spam to jump start the classifier.


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