[Spambayes] Significant beta: Beta Candidate 11.1 of SpamAtBay

Sean True seant at webreply.com
Tue Jun 17 19:29:19 EDT 2003

For the new people on the list: SpamAtBay is a soon to be available
commercial version of the Spambayes addin for Outlook. Any reader of this
list who would like to beta test for us is welcome to a permanent license --
and anyone who is a SpamBayes developer can have the license without
anything other just asking. In either case, just e-mail me.

Brief history: I wrote the first, really, really bad integration with
Outlook, using VBA and a Python COM server. Mark Hammond thought the idea
was neat, but that the execution was, err, flawed, and pretty much rewrote
it from scratch. Over the last few weeks, I've had a team of several people
working on polishing, layout, docs, QA, and (gag) marketing oriented
features. We're going to release a supported version sometime soon.

We're focusing on Tim's "easy enough for my sister" metric.

Supported systems: Win98SE, ME, NT 4, Win2K, XP; Outlook 2000/2002/XP. 
Not supported: Win95; Outlook Express.

Release 1.0 Beta Candidate 11.1 (0.99.2)

Focused on: Exchange compatibility, subtle UI fixes.


1) Significantly more reliable install on Exchange based Outlook clients. We
finally got our Exchange server up, reproduced the major problem, and fixed
2) Multiple explorers were previously accompanied my multiple copies of
3) The autocomplete of email address bug under OL 2002 is fixed (nearly).
Required replacing MFC based dialogs in many places.

If you want to help with this late stage beta testing, please send me mail.

-- Sean

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