[Spambayes] Moving the db from a pc to a server

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Fri Jun 20 00:21:14 EDT 2003

[Hadar Pedhazur]
> Thanks Tony and Skip. It turns out that SpamAtBay indeed
> uses bsddb3, which I didn't have installed on the server.

Note that "bsddb3" is an idiotic (with hindsight <wink>) name, derived from
the version of Berekley DB current at the time the pybsddb project


As it says at the top of that page, the current Python "bsddb3" bindings
actually work with BerkeleyDB 3.1 thru 4.1.  The Sleepycat version that's
going to ship with the PythonLabs Python 2.3 installer for Windows is
Sleepycat's latest, 4.1.25, and that works fine with the bsddb3 package
(which latter has been folded into the core for Python 2.3 on all platforms;
before 2.3, you can get it from the SF page above).

> I was able to find the rpm for the python binding, but
> (I guess as expected) the actual berkeley db is not installed
> on the server. Here's the error message during the rpm install:
> "Can't find a local db3 installation."
> Anyway, a quick perusal of the sleepycat site only yields
> db4, not db3 downloads.

You shouldn't need db3, but, if it turns out you do, you can get source for
3.3.11 (the last in the db3 line) here:


IIRC, it's then also mandatory that you download and apply the 2 patches to
3.3.11 available from the same line on the same page.

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