[Spambayes] Using SpamByes In A Multi-Computer/Account?

John Abel john.abel at pa.press.net
Fri Jun 20 14:40:16 EDT 2003


I've been using SpamBayes with a single computer/single account for a 
while now with great success (except for a problem with the number of 
unsures, separate mail when I get round to it), and I want to implement 
it on all my family computers.  Basically, what I'm asking is, what is 
the best way of having SpamBayes running on one computer, with all the 
others proxying through it, using several mail accounts (without having 
to assign them to individual ports)?  I was looking at using PSpam, but 
I've not seen much mention of it, on the list.

Any pointers/advice would be much appreciated.



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