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Fri Jun 20 11:38:18 EDT 2003

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> To: Skip Montanaro
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> On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 14:17, Skip Montanaro wrote:
> >     Barry> Yeah, but here's the beauty of it - if you start throwing
> >     Barry> malformed messages in the trash, or better yet,
> rejecting them at
> >     Barry> SMTP time, you will accomplish two goals.
> You'll provide a great
> >     Barry> incentive to legitimate senders to start making
> sure their
> >     Barry> messages are properly formed and you'll be
> building an incentive
> >     Barry> against spammers.
> >
> > Unfortunately, most legitimate senders are not able to
> easily fix their mail
> > software so it conforms to the appropriate RFCs.  Incentive
> or not, there
> > wouldn't be much they could do about their plight.
> Oh Skip, just stop coddling them! :)
Just a quick follow up. So far today I've received eighty-three emails,
of which seventy-four were spam. Not a single parse error so far. For a
small change this has made a big difference.

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