[Spambayes] Great job!

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon Jun 23 00:41:18 EDT 2003

[Richard Goldstein]
> I just got new laptop that came with Outlook.  Having just read
> about Spambayes I decided to give it a try.
> It is amazing.  I use I Hate Spam on my desktop and Spambayes is so
> much better.

Glad to hear it!  I never used any anti-spam gimmick before.  Maybe that's
why I wasn't willing to settle for crap <wink>.

> KUDOS man (men? Persons?)

There are about a dozen here who've contributed major work.  Post your home
address, and we'll drop by one at a time for dinner <wink>.

> And thank you(s).
> It's so easy & logical and solid that this actually temps me to go
> out and BUY another copy of Outlook (curse you Bill Gates) for my
> desktop!

Outlook is, in many respects, an excellent email client.  Unfortunately for
us, it turned out to be maddeningly hard to interface with programmatically.
OTOH, it turns out to be impossible to interface with many others, so we'll
take what we can get.  You could do a lot worse than Outlook!  If MS had any
marketing brains, they'd bundle spambayes with Outlook.  Then they'd get
rich like us <heh>.

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