[Spambayes] imapfilter

Abhay Saxena ark3 at email.com
Mon Jun 23 00:51:45 EDT 2003

On Sunday, June 22, 2003, at 11:11  PM, Meyer, Tony wrote:
>>> The way to check this would be to see if 'NotJunk' is indeed missing 
>>> from a PERMANENTFLAGS response (the -i4 switch is good for this).
> [Barry]
>> Doubtful that I'll get to it soon.
> For the moment, I've checked in a change that means that imapfilter 
> will try to append without flags if they are causing a problem (a 
> warning is printed out).  This does mean that all flags (seen, draft, 
> etc) will be lost.  It would be interesting to know if this solves the 
> problem.

I'll give both a spin in the next day or so (checking P...FLAGS and 
trying your modification).

> If anyone has both time and access to a server that has messages with 
> this 'NotJunk' flag, then they could play around and figure out what 
> the rules about it are.

I'll poke at this as well.

And thanks for correcting my misunderstanding about how flags are 
supposed to work. Obviously, I should read the RFC, especially if I am 
to contribute a patch that doesn't break things for other servers.

Should we move this discussion to -dev?

   - Abhay

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